Psychological explanations of serial murder

Transcript of psychological and biological explanations behind serial killers why research serial killers how i came up with my title psychological explanations choosing my topic childhood traumas and experiences. The psychology of serial killers find out what makes a serial killer do what they do, what they are thinking, and how their brain works everything from case studies to different killinging styles and methods.

Theories behind serial killers many theories about how and why serial killers can kill not just once, but multiple times, and enjoy it that is so flabbergasting to basically everyone, that many people have tried to crack this mystery. Serial killers tend to be insecure, and irrationally scared of rejection he will try to avoid developing a painful relationship with his object of desire and is terrified of being abandoned, humiliated, or exposed.

Psychological disorders serial killers – the most important characteristics the most important characteristics multiple personality disorder (mpd) what motivates serial killers to kill psychological phases serial killers experience though those factors are not excuses for hurting others, they are interesting explanations and. Why research serial killers how i came up with my title psychological explanations choosing my topic childhood traumas and experiences: as a result an individual suffers from lasting psychological damage.

Various explanations have been proposed to explain the motivation of serial killers this article proposes that the theory of the catathymic crisis is an explanation that adds light to the “serial” nature of serial murder as well as an explanation of why and how a person can become a serial killer. However, serial killers do not fall under this category of explanation generally, they do not belong to any racial or ethnic minority they do not tend to be motivated by social or financial gain.

Psychological explanations of serial murder

That a serial killer's motive is more psychological than material studying the brain of serial killers: as research continues in the field, it is more commonly believed that the symptoms manifested by serial killers - regardless of their classification - are the result of brain. Discussion note that biology, psychology, and sociology do not offer direct explanations of serial murder as such instead theories of aggression and violence shall be drawn upon, and in turn applied to serial murder 2 literature review 21 biological approaches there are various biological explanations for serial murder. V motivations and types of serial murder: the symposium model over the past twenty years, law enforcement and experts from a number of varying disciplines have attempted to identify specific motivations for serial murderers and to apply those motivations to different typologies developed for classifying serial murderers.

The author concludes that a serial killer is the product of a combination of biological, psychological and social factors applying this method with profiling techniques can help catch the killers and prevent further murders by early intervention.

psychological explanations of serial murder Although psychological gratification is the usual motive for serial killing, and most serial killings involve sexual contact with the victim, the fbi states that the motives of serial killers can include anger, thrill-seeking, financial gain, and attention seeking.
Psychological explanations of serial murder
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