A brief history of the czech republic and an insight to the czech educational system

Brief history of czech republic: in the early history of the land that is today the czech republic, various tribes settled the land starting with the celtics, then the germanic tribes, and later the slavic peoples in the 9th century the kingdom of bohemia began to emerge and become a power bohemia.

a brief history of the czech republic and an insight to the czech educational system Czech republic - history background geography: the czech republic (ceska republika) is a constitutional parliamentary democracy established in 1993 when the czech and slovak federation (czechoslovakia) peacefully separated into two independent states, the czech republic and slovakia the country sits in central europe to the southeast of germany.

Rich and fascinating history what students say the education system of the czech republic this brochure in detail describes the czech education system at all educational levels the publication also includes a diagram of the czech educational system download in pdf back to section.

The education system in the czech republic the czech republic has a long history of offering quality higher education over 600 years ago, the first university was established in prague. The czech nation and czech culture came to the forefront of social life in the years of unrest, a czech noble – george of podebrady, a skillful diplomat and a man of outstanding personality, became the leader of czech political life.

They came to be known as the czech lands after the fall of the empire, and the rise of the first czechoslovak republic, when the term bohemia (czech: čechy), which also refers to the core region of the former kingdom, was no longer deemed acceptable by those in moravia and czech silesia (historically, other two core lands of the bohemian crown. Education system of the czech republic three acts are the base for the czech education system: the education act, which regulates pre-primary, basic (compulsory), upper secondary and tertiary professional education the act on educational staff dealing with the teaching profession on the mentioned levels the higher education act covering. Profile of the czech republic’s education system the czech republic has one of the strongest economies and lowest poverty rates of former soviet bloc countries in europe with very high rates of literacy and strong performance in math and science on international comparisons of educational achievement, the czechs are poised to become a increasingly competitive force within the eu. The czech education system the charter of fundamental rights and freedoms, which is a part of the constitution of the czech republic, upholds the general right to education, the right to free education at primary, secondary and (depending on ability and capacity) university level. However in 1409 vaclav iv changed the system he decreed that in future the czech nation would have 3 votes and the other nations would have one each in protest german students and lecturers left a timeline of the czech republic a brief history of slovakia a brief history of hungary.

In the following years the czech republic joined the organisation for economic cooperation and development-oecd (1994) and joined the nato (1999) and eu (2004) the czechs have now completed the transformation of the formerly centralized state system into a parliamentary democracy and market economy. Studyincz is an official resource for information about higher education in the czech republic operated by the centre for international cooperation in education it provides essential information about the higher education system, study opportunities and student's life in the czech republic.

A brief history of the czech republic and an insight to the czech educational system

European commission organisation of the education system in the czech republic 2008/09 cz. Education in the czech republic includes elementary school, secondary school, and post-secondary school for students ages two to five, there are preschools that are generally not state-funded until the year before elementary school after preschool, parents are not charged for tuition, but they must provide textbooks, stationery, and food for their children.

11 1993 czech republic founded after the split of czechoslovakia around the 4th century bc the present-day czech republic was populated by celts they were the first ethnic group to arrive in the area, according to historical evidence.

Czech universities, colleges and specialized institutions are sought after for their attractive fields of study and high quality by students from all over the world compulsory education was introduced in bohemia in 1774 by the enlightened ruler maria theresa however, the history of czech education reaches even further back in time.

A brief history of the czech republic and an insight to the czech educational system
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